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There are many options for playground safety surfaces.

We are proud to have a variety of playground safety surfaces to choose from. 

The playground surface is one of the most important safety aspects in preventing and avoiding serious injuries resulting from falls and tumbles. See the Public Playground Safety Handbook compiled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt are inappropriate for underneath swings and jungle-gyms. Even dirt or grass is an inadequate surface for a playground because constant use compacts the ground and diminishes its shock-absorbing ability.


What are some playground safety surface features?

  • An even, resilient surface that offer protection to children’s limbs and absorb impact. (Children should always be closely supervised in any playground by a responsible adult.)
  • Rubber tiles are available
  • Poured in place technique – We use a special energy-absorbing material that is poured and cured into one level surface using a special binder.
  • Vivid colors to reflect natural light and increase visibility
  • Color contrast between playground equipment and surfacing to avoid tripping hazards
  • Changes in surface elevation can also be highlighted with designs or color change