Eco Friendly Playgrounds

Playgrounds have also joined the green movement these days. Eco friendly playgrounds are being built here and there, and older play parks and recreation sites are being converted to become eco friendly. Not only is an eco friendly playground better and healthier for the environment, but it also benefits the children who play in it.

What exactly is an eco friendly playground? Eco friendly playgrounds are ones that use non-toxic materials. The ones that meet the highest standards use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and 100% post-consumer waste recycled materials. Generally, any plastic found in recycled eco friendly playgrounds come from plastic milk cartons. The rubber tiles and poured in place surfacing come from recycled tires or sometimes, even from old sneakers!

Another facet that some eco friendly playgrounds are incorporating into their designs is a way to capture rain water. These playgrounds and sites are designed in such a way that the run-off of any precipitation can be stored and collected to water surrounding plants and gardens.

Prior to 2003, almost all wood used in playgrounds was specially treated with chromium copper arsenate (CCA), which preserved the wood longer from normal weathering. However, the basic component of this treatment was arsenic, and some studies have shown that arsenic leached into the soil and evidence of higher than normal arsenic levels were discovered in the children that played on this equipment.

One way of protecting children on playgrounds with older equipment is to re-paint all exposed surfaces every year. However, many towns and schools are opting to completely re-do their playgrounds, using the newer materials that are available, such as recycled wood and plastic conglomerates. If you wish to have a consultation and professional, expert advice on how to update and transform an older playground or recreation site into an eco friendly playground, please consult our team of playground surface experts. We not only will show you the available options that are best for you, but can plan, prepare and fully install everything from shading, fencing, surfacing and equipment installation or removal. Learn more about all the playground services that we offer!